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About Us

ICO Partners Limited was founded in May 2008, and is currently based in Brighton, UK.

The Team
Thomas Bidaux Thomas Bidaux started his professional career in online games more than ten years ago at France Telecom, within the GOA team. His department grew from a one-man team in charge of the first French MMORPG La 4ème Prophétie, to the European organisation in charge of the most successful MMORPG on the market at the time, Dark Age of Camelot.

In 2004, Thomas left France Telecom and Paris to set up the European subsidiary of the online game giant NCsoft in the UK. As Director of Development, he managed the team responsible for bringing several major MMOs to the European market, including Guild Wars and City of Heroes. As a participant in NCsoft's Global Portfolio Steering Committee, he led the company's efforts to expand its game portfolio with European-based development through various third party deals and the creation of a Brighton-based studio. He also headed the European team evaluating the group's global projects. In April 2008, he left NCsoft to found the consulting agency that would later become ICO Partners.

Thomas has been an active participant at many industry events for the past ten years, sharing his expertise and working on democratizing the development of online games in Europe. He has a passion for games of all kinds and is a fervent board game player, which leaves him little time to read sci-fi and fantasy or play badminton, but he does his best to keep up. He is not a werewolf.

Diane Lagrange Diane Lagrange graduated from French business school ESSEC MBA in 2005, where she specialized in Marketing, including media planning, PR and advertising. A passionate gamer, she started her career as a trainee at Ubisoft in France as Assistant Product Manager, working on marketing strategy and campaigns for the French market, before being hired by NCsoft in September 2005. She worked with Thomas on Business Development, building relationships with third party developers, sourcing, evaluating and negotiating online games projects, and heading submissions at local and global Product Review Committees. She also focused on expanding NCsoft's market research channels and studying emergent business models in online games. In late 2008, she joined Thomas in creating ICO Partners.

Apart from playing games, Diane enjoys metal and classical music, theater, and learning new things.

About internships
We have been successfully running an intership program since 2010 and we feel that we have hugely benefitted from it while contributing to our interns careers. If you want to apply for an internship with us, you need to keep the followings in mind:
● You need to be able to provide an internship agreement from your school or your university.
● You need to work with us in our office in Brighton.
● We can only accomodate a limited number of interns. We have a fix number of positions we can take at any period of time.
● Most of our interns work with our PR team and we favour applicants speaking a European language as well as English and with an academic background related to media and media management.

Please contact us if you want to know more!