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Here comes a new challenger – Player 4 has joined the game

26th April 2010 by Thomas

guileWe have been busy for the past few months — busy enough that we decided it was time to look for a helping hand (or two!). We were lucky enough to find some very capable hands indeed. Starting today, we have a new team member, joining us from NCsoft’s Aion team: Martin ‘Amboss’ Rabl.

We’ve had great experiences working with Martin in the past (especially Jen, who worked directly with him for many years), and we are very happy to have his skills and enthusiasm in our Gatwick office. He’ll be helping us to build on the work we are doing on communication and social media for our clients, as well as bringing his valuable expertise on everything German, both as a professional and as a native.

Please join us in welcoming Martin to the team!

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  • Martin Rabl

    Thanks for the nice introduction and warm welcome! Even though I am surprised you were able to resist any David Hasselhoff references when mentioning my 'valuable expertise on everything German'.

    Looking forward to working with you.

  • Christian Passeyer

    I'm happy for Martin and ICO Partners!

  • Julien Crevits

    Woot, congratulations Martin! Enjoy ;)

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  • AndyB

    Nah, they just knew you'd bring up the Hoff, so there was no need. =)