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19th January 2009 by Thomas Bidaux

Nowadays, with many studios and publishers currently laying off quite a scary number of people, we ran into an initiative that we find laudable, even if related to unfortunate news for many.

Vivendi Games Europe is currently in the process of reorganising its activities following the merger with Activision and a number of people were made redundant. A part of the team went to the direction and asked to actually create a dedicated website listing the persons currently looking for a job. And they said yes and Talented People was born:

Welcome to Talented People’s website!

Here are gathered former Vivendi Games Europe employees’ profiles and resumés in order to create a pool of experienced professionnals for the recruiters and to promote their skills and knowledge or the new businesses some of them are founding.

You can find all the profiles of the talented people who took part in Vivendi Games Europe’s human success: financiers, managers, team leaders, developers, artists, game designers, QA tester, business developers, jurists (…), they are all here!

As hiring managers, you can search profiles matching your needs using the dedicated fields on the left or use the fast search below. You will then be able to contact each individual using the personal data given in his/her profile.

If you know people who might be interested in the information on this website, feel free to use the “send to a friend” link.

Thank you for your support! We hope you will find here the perfect candidate or business to match your needs.

Talented People
“We have talent and the entire world is going to know it!”

It is refreshing to see an initiative that goes away from the “Fire and Forget”  that tend to come with big lay-offs.

3 Responses to “Talent available”

  1. Antonio Moro Says:

    that’s really interesting, we’re reviewing it, we’re in search of programmers, thanks for the advice.

  2. Talented People Says:

    Go on Antonio, these people are full of talent and won’t for sure be there for a long time!
    Talented People

  3. Brian Says:

    A similar website was setup by ex-NCsoft employees detailing skills, Linked-In profiles, job titles etc as well as a forum for people to stay in touch.

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