News roundup – 28/01/09

28th January 2009 by Diane

NewsA few links of news for today :

  • Nexon closes HumaNature studio (based in Canada, developers of Sugar Rush). As there were no news of the game since the end of Closed beta in December, we would be suprised if the title wasn’t cancelled.

ERRATUM :  HumaNature was producing the game, not developing it, the developer is Klei Entertainment, which is not closing. HumaNature was working on unannouced new IP games. Thanks Daniel for the corrections!

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  1. Daniel James Says:

    Ahoy! Human Nature was not the developer of Sugar Rush — that is a third-party developer, Klei Entertainment, also in Vancouver. Klei is still around, although it’s not yet clear what the fate of the Sugar Rush game will be. Human Nature were developing some other new IP games that afaik were never announced.

    - Daniel, department of corrections

  2. Diane Says:

    Thanks a lot for the correction Daniel, I got mixed up on this. Many thanks !

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