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Connected devices shipments in 2011 worldwide

24th February 2012 by Diane

A quick chart I built that can be a good addendum to my last post about the online gaming trends in 2012:



Also, a friend on Facebook noticed that I didn’t even talk about console games in the trends, which is true.  My answer would be that it’s still very difficult from an operational and business point of view to run 100% online games on the current gen of consoles, and that the console business this year is likely to be suffering in at least some parts of Europe as the retailers struggle, so there isn’t much money and effort invested there. There’s a good article today on about that.

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  • Dinok

    The computers number is quite big compared to phones, especially when you take into account the fact that people usually keep their computers for 5+ years compared to a smartphone “lifetime” that is barely half that (carriers incentive programs and general innovation help with that).