The First Post

12th December 2008 by Thomas Bidaux

First of all, welcome on ICO Partners’ blog.
When putting together the website with Diane, we were arguing back and forth on the merit to actually have a blog there. The initial position we agreed on was not to have one. There were many reasons, but mainly, we decided against it because we knew that we would be very busy and the blog was always going to be left as a “when we have time” thing, and that always translate into in a “if we have time” thing.

Still, right now, you are reading our blog and something has probably happened along the way that made us change our minds.

As the website was getting built, we actually discussed the topic less and less, but still the idea made its way and when discussing it after a significant mission we had just finished, it appeared to us there are topics we want to discuss and share about.

In the end, reasons to have a blog outweighted the reasons not to have one.

The main issue was the commitment a good blog requires. There is nothing as sad as a blog you really like that gets updated irregularly. We will solve this right now, in this first post, just by managing the readers expectation: we won’t commit to have regular updates and features on this blog. We want to have them, we will do our best to provide them as often as we can, but, in all honesty, the best is for you to subscribe to the RSS feed.
We had another concern, that might sound less relevant, but still important, especially to me. We are not native speakers. While our control of the English language is good, there is no doubt we be would wittier if we were writing in French. We would also be less likely to make grammatical errors, typos and the like. Again, we will lazily solve this with expectation management: while we will do our best to write in good English, don’t expect this blog to be error-proof (and believe me, as a lover of the English language and linguistic in general, it pains me to write this down, but one has to be realistic).

These two things out of the way, we are also really excited by the idea of having this medium to express our opinions. So here’s what you can expect from this blog, in an approximate English and at irregular intervals:

  • news from the online game sector
  • views on common and uncommon problems we encountered working on online games
  • news on ICO Partners activities

The blog is for us a medium to share our expertise, but also a way to interact with other actors from our sector. We have always been very active on the conference front and that’s not innocent: we feel we have a lot to share but we also have a lot to learn. That is our hope that we will get reactions here, agreeing, disagreeing, providing extra data to further support the point being discussed – that is the ultimate motivation to have started this blog.

Time will tell, and till then, welcome to ICO Partners’ blog.

2 Responses to “The First Post”

  1. Jussi Laakkonen Says:

    Great to see you that you Thomas and Diane took the plunge and started writing! There are a lot of blogs covering news and doing blogging what’s trending, so I see a lot of potential for “insight blogging”. It takes a lot more effort and you can’t do it as often, but I know you have the insights!

    Already subscribed and looking forward to the posts!

  2. IainC Says:

    Bienvenue au blogosphere Thomas!

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