Interlude – some news on ICO

12th May 2009 by Thomas Bidaux

500x333_logoWe don’t talk much about what we do on the blog. One reason is obviously the fact that we are often asked discretion and bound by NDAs on the projects we are undertaking. Another reason is that we don’t necessarily take the time to put things together and communicate about them.

Well, today seemed like a good day to actually do just this and announce some of what is coming for ICO Partners. Nothing fancy, but we wanted to share: 

- At the beginning of the year, the NESTA started a mentoring program around video games and more specifically 7 game development studios. The program aims at improving the studios ” business skills and commercial awareness”. Thomas is one of the mentor, focusing especially on looking at the studio business model and its evolution as it gets its business online.

- Announced last week, Lyon-based Connection Events announced the Paris Master Classes. We both are participating to the event. Diane is leading a Master Class on Online Marketing while Thomas will lead a Master Class on Monetisation (specifically for Online Games). The Master Classes are a really interesting opportunity for us and we are looking forward the experience. While we regularly attend to and participate in conferences, they rarely offer more than skin deep approach of the topic. It is often enough to spark interest and provide material for attendees to do some research themselves on the topic, but a 7 hours long discussion on a topic is a challenge we are keen to face.

- Announced this week, is the changes to the Advisory Board for the Austin GDC and Thomas joining the Board. We are incredibly proud of this. First, it is a recognition of our professianlism and a show of trust  from one of the best industry event there is, and one that is dedicated to our passion, online, connected games. Second, the reason behind this choice is to give more opportunities for a European perspective to the conference. The North American and the European markets clearly have their specifities, but it is when you consider their respective successful development studios that you truly realize how different those territories are from one another and how much there is to learn from each other. It sounds genuinely promising.

- Last but not least, and because we still feel industry conferences are key, Thomas will be speaking at the Develop in Brighton event taking place from the 14 to the 16th of July in the UK. The lecture is on the Free to Play games market in Europe. We will confirm here the exact when it is confirmed.

We would love to share more on the projects we have undertaken in the past few months and hopefully, we will be able to share more on them within the summer, along with useful information for anyone in our field.

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  1. Steven Davis Says:

    Congratulations to you both!

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