In-game advertising standards

18th June 2009 by Diane

obama-burnout-paradiseThe Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a draft of standard guidelines for in-game advertising. This is a very good move for the medium, as keeping network-specific standards made the medium inapproachable for the vast majority of marketers and media buyers, used to be able to compare and optimize campaigns across different media and networks. The guidelines are dedicated to measuring impressions on dynamic billboard ads, and the draft shows a lot of challenges in defining what counts as a valid standard impression (eg how to rule out impressions from bots,  player or developer-induced impression manipulations, etc), but still it should be encouraged as a step in a good direction, and every developer or publisher planning to offer in-game advertising should have a look.

The guidelines are accessible here and the IAB is collecting feedback from  industry actors until the 17th of July.

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