18th November 2011 by Diane

Slides from Browser Games Forum 2011 in Frankfurt – European Browser games market

Here are the slides from my presentation today at Browser Games Forum:

BGF European market
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Also, don’t miss the awesome presentation by Jussi Lakkonen on predictions for the future of social games :

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1st July 2011 by Diane

Differences in online games publishing between Asia and Europe

As Asian online games publishers expand in the West, more and more of them are opening European offices and starting operating games for the European market. This approach is in our opinion much more rewarding long-term than just licensing the games to a local publisher, but it also has it pitfalls due to the differences in consumer habits and expectations. Here are a few examples of such differences and the difficulties they can trigger. Of course, please keep in mind we have a European point of view and are aware of the specificities and differences inside Asian cultures and inside European ones – so please excuse the inevitable generalisations. Read the rest of this entry »

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23rd May 2011 by Diane

Paris Web Game Conference 2011

Last week, I attended the Paris web Game Conference 2011 organized by the French national videogames developer trade body, SNJV, and the digital university IIM. The program was mainly composed of panel discussions with the leaders of French web/social/mobile games developers : Boostr, Kobojo, Bulkypix, Prizee, Weka, Feerik, Owlient…

I won’t have time for a long transcription, but here were the most interesting remarks from the speakers :

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26th October 2010 by Jen

Upcoming talks by ICO

Here’s a quick update about a couple of speaking engagements we’ve got coming up:

On 27th October –that’s tomorrow! — Julien will be giving a talk on “Smarter Marketing” at TIGA’s half-day event in London, How to Self-Publish and Market Your Game.

Then, on 5th November, Martin will be at the browsergames forum in Offenbach, Germany talking about “Games as a Service”.

If you’ll be in attendance, please stop and say hello! More events news will be on the way soon.

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9th March 2009 by Diane

Hardcore browser games

hardcore-browserThere is an interesting interview about InstantAction in Gamasutra recently.  The site beta is over and the service is now officially commercial. Instantaction has 1.4M registered players, and announced seven games in development in addition to the nine already available.

We are personnally very convinced by the “hardcore browser games” proposition, and the multiple declinations happening at the moment. As more and more online services are turning to the browser (according to our estimates, around 70% of PC online projects developed in Europe, live or in development, are browser-based), the 3D high-end sub-segment is particularly interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

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11th February 2009 by Diane

Virtual MTV moves to browser based


As reported by Virtual World News.

The linking of accounts is always something tricky,  it looks like users have 2 weeks to transfer their virtual currency and can’t claim what they already spent in the client-based version, and they have to start over with a new avatar and crib in the new world. This should make difficult to convince all of the users to take the leap (maybe preventing to buy any more new currencies in the client based world and offering a better exchange rate  would have been a better incentive), but it should give them much more opportunities for growth thanks to the improved accessibility.

The new VMTV can be found here.

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26th January 2009 by Diane

9 online games/MMO trends for 2009 – part 1


Like every new year, it’s time for looking back at the past one and trying predictions for the next one. We are quite late in the exercise as we post this, so we’ll concentrate on the predictions part for the future. These are based on our observations and deductions and various chats with clever people from the industry. We might be right or wrong, but what is sure is that this industry is moving very fast, and is fascinating to watch. Anyway, it will be fun to check at the end of the year to see where we guessed right and where we missed – most of the points seem to us  to be quite logically tied together at the moment.
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18th December 2008 by Diane

Netbooks are leading PC market growth (especially in Europe)

According to the Financial Times quoting IDC, most of the growth on the laptop market comes from netbooks (small, lightweight PCs on Windows or Linux, destined first and foremost to browse the web – the most famous one is the adorable little Asus Eee PC, of which I am a proud owner). IDC expects them to represent as much as 11-12% of the laptop market in 2009.

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16th December 2008 by Diane

News roundup – 16/12/08

Various bits from different sources – some of them are a bit old, but then we just opened the blog :) :

  • November Steam Hardware Survey (which is skewed towards “gamers” system in comparison to general PC user base)- shows DX10 system (DX10 capable GPU + Vista) accounts for 21% of Steam user base – in progress, but DX8, 9 and older GPU systems are still the majority (54%). On the other hand, multi-core is now majoritary (60%, with 10% quad-core).
  • Speaking of Steam, the new beta version is integrating an in-game web browser. It’s good to see that multi-tasking is now embraced more and more. It looks better than Rogue, but less adavanced than PlayXpert (but they have all the other Steam features they can integrate with).

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