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26th July 2010 by Thomas

From Brighton to Munich

On Tuesday 13th of July, I presented my lecture “Games as a service, do you really know what it means?” at the Develop in Brighton conference. While I have changed the slides a bit for the event, the content was essentially the same as when I presented it in Seattle for the LOGIN conference, and you can find the presentation on slideshare.

The really good news is that Dan Hon did a great write up of my presentation (something I meant to do for a while but never took the proper time to do) and you can find it on his blog:

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30th June 2010 by Thomas

Games as a Service talk – Develop in Brighton

Back in May, I gave a talk at the LOGIN conference about Games as a Service. I haven’t shared it yet here, but there was a good reason (one that is still valid today unfortunately).

Most of my talks recently have been very factual and number-driven, and they have been supported by very factual, number-driven Powerpoint presentations. Sharing those was very easy and straightforward. If you didn’t attend the event then you missed some of the information, but honestly, you could get the gist of it in Slideshare.

The Games as a Service presentation doesn’t work that way. It’s very dependent on the content of the talk, and it doesn’t stand alone very well. I was hoping to be able to take some time to add comments to the presentation, and expand on its usefulness, but realistically it won’t happen before the next time I deliver the lecture, which will be at Develop in Brighton on July the 13th.

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