2nd May 2011 by Diane

European mobile and tablet market

    As the recent game announcements have been multiplying, Mobile is the new frontier for online games and MMOs. The technical constraints have been mostly overcome, and the apparition of a hardcore audience playing mostly from home has made the main problem (good enough ping) less painful. The possibility of free apps with in-app purchases have finally make the business part of it sensible. It’s thus no surprise that many games are announced. However, as games like Pocket Legends find success, the room for growth is increasingly moving, like for social games, to outside of the US/English-speaking territories. What’s the market looking like in Europe? Read the rest of this entry »

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19th November 2009 by Thomas Bidaux

Interview with Thomas at GI.biz

NewsJust prior to the London GamesConference last month, Thomas was interviewed by gamesindustry.biz about the future of distribution and physical versus digital. The interview is online now, and you can read it here: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/ico-partners-thomas-bidaux-interview.

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26th January 2009 by Diane

9 online games/MMO trends for 2009 – part 1


Like every new year, it’s time for looking back at the past one and trying predictions for the next one. We are quite late in the exercise as we post this, so we’ll concentrate on the predictions part for the future. These are based on our observations and deductions and various chats with clever people from the industry. We might be right or wrong, but what is sure is that this industry is moving very fast, and is fascinating to watch. Anyway, it will be fun to check at the end of the year to see where we guessed right and where we missed – most of the points seem to us  to be quite logically tied together at the moment.
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