11th March 2011 by julien

Shoot to Score: Why Free-to-Play will Win the War of the Online Shooters

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to get a closer look at EA’s upcoming free-to-play shooter Battlefield Play4Free, a game based on the same concept and engine as Battlefield Heroes, but targeted at a core-gaming audience. The strategy behind Battlefield Heroes is clear: they want to broaden the Battlefield playerbase with cartoon graphics and third person view. With its “gamer” orientation, one could think that Battlefield Play4Free is mainly competing with other titles from DICE, but that would be forgetting that it positions Electronic Arts one step ahead of its western competitors in the war of online shooters, a war that won’t ultimately be won by AAA console titles, but rather by free-to-play games on open platforms.

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28th June 2010 by Martin

Gun Range shows iPhone 4s gyroscope in action

Recently I expressed my interest in games using the gyroscope built into the brand new iPhone 4. Sadly, I won’t receive my device before middle of July, but Apple has already sold 1.7 million iPhone4s within 3 days. Ngmoco, an experienced iPhone games developer, already placed a game using the gyro in the app store, showing off  what can be done with it.

I couldn’t test the game, Gun Range, myself but there is a video on YouTube and while it seems to offer a very basic gameplay, it’s obvious how much closer this way of aiming in video games comes to the real thing. Instead of using a controller or swiping the screen to rotate the character in the game, the player actually has to move around with the iPhone, thereby changing the viewing angle in the game.

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9th March 2009 by Diane

Hardcore browser games

hardcore-browserThere is an interesting interview about InstantAction in Gamasutra recently.  The site beta is over and the service is now officially commercial. Instantaction has 1.4M registered players, and announced seven games in development in addition to the nine already available.

We are personnally very convinced by the “hardcore browser games” proposition, and the multiple declinations happening at the moment. As more and more online services are turning to the browser (according to our estimates, around 70% of PC online projects developed in Europe, live or in development, are browser-based), the 3D high-end sub-segment is particularly interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

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23rd February 2009 by Diane

2M registered players on Combat Arms US

helmetReported on Gamesindustry.biz , that’s 3 months after the first million registered users (and 7 months after going live). The European version, live since January, seems not doing bad either, with servers  regularly full or almost .

Core, PC players-targeted genres are doing well when it comes to client-based F2P games (much better than more casual genres, increasingly impossible to do outside a browser, or those whose audience usually plays on console). A core genre with a casual enough product (in the sense of being inclusive with players of all skill levels, meaning the vast majority of (losing) players can have a good time, and requiring little coordination/planning/advanced group tactics at the first level of gameplay, and that the business model makes it enjoyable for free players to play) is a good formula.  Combat Arms seems to have found a good balance there, with a simple product accessible to a large number, focused on small team close combat and with largely unintrusive micro-payments. Read the rest of this entry »

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