18th April 2013 by Thomas

Indie Game Summit – GDC 2013: slides, raw data and extra thoughts

I have been a bad boy. It has been weeks since my lecture at the Indie Game Summit during GDC and I haven’t put the slides on the blog. Hopefully, anyone interested in them already got a look at them on SlideShare, but I do need to share them here as well, and I need to share more.

First things first, here are my slides from GDC:

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26th February 2013 by Thomas

Upcoming conference presence (and Kickstarter in the UK part 2)

I will be talking at 2 events in the near future, in both occasions, it will be about crowd funding and Kickstarter. While this probably comprises less than 2% of my time, I think  it makes feel event organizers that much more comfortable in inviting me talk about the topic.

I am not selling anything to the audience and I have no agenda when I come as a speaker. It makes me scratch the itch, so we are all winning in the end.

So, what’s cooking?


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26th March 2012 by Thomas

Post-GDC post

We all managed to avoid the GDC flu but are still pretty quiet for now, waiting for a time when the workload eases up and we can blog more frequently again. TO hold you over a bit until then, here are the presentations from the lectures Diane and I delivered during the week of the GDC.

In chronological order, here are the slides from my presentation during the Social and Online Game summit of the GDC:

GDC12 Keys to the European Market

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I ran out of time and couldn’t cover the case studies in the end, so even if you attended you should find a few extra details in here.


Diane lectured on Business Models: current trends and perspective for the future. She didn’t run out of time, and some of the slides don’t speak for themselves very well, but you may still find the presentation useful:


Questions or feedback? Please let us know!

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29th February 2012 by Thomas

Next week at GDC

I am very late in relaying the information but, like every year, we will be in San Francisco for GDC next week. Team GDC will be comprised of Diane, Jen and myself, and if you want to meet with us we still have room to fit a few more meetings. Just contact us.


You are also very welcomed come by my lecture during the Social and Online Games Summit where I will talk about the “Keys to the European Market” – this is a 25mn lecture, I will need to go straight to the point and won’t have much time for question afterwards but you are more than welcome to grab me after the session.


Diane also has lecture at the Game Connection America held in parallel where she will discuss “Business models in games – trends and prediction“.


We are all very much looking forward to being there and inhaling a large dose of  inspiration about the industry’s future.



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26th September 2011 by Thomas

Events – end of 2011

Between now and the end of the year, we will be attending a number of events across the globe where you can meet with us. And starting as early as this week.

27th of September, Frankfurt – Gameplaces

Diane will be speaking there, specifically on games and investments.

10th to 13th of October, Austin – GDC Online

This is an usual rendez-vous for us as we will be meeting with partners as well as sitting in sessions, checking for the trends of the online space.

7th to 9th of November, Daegu – KGC 2011

I (Thomas) will be speaking at KGC 2011, ahead of the Gstar. I present a general overview of the European market for online games. And (hopefully), it should the opportunity for us to update the aging presentations we have on slideshare on that topic.

10th to 13th of November, Busan – Gstar

We will have a booth in the B2B area of the Gstar. More details on this when we are closer to the date, but you can expect that if you want to meet us, it will be easy.

6th to 8th of december, Paris – Game Connection Europe

Another of our regular haunts, we have just confirmed that we will be there again. The event has moved to Paris (an excellent move in my opinion) and now also has a conference component. If you are not familiar with the event format, just think speed dating between publishers, developers and service providers  of the games industry.

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17th March 2011 by Martin

Lessons learned from Pocket Legends: Don’t forget the hardcores in your casual game

A couple of weeks ago at GDC 2011 in San Francisco Cinco Barnes from Spacetime Studios talked about their experience with Pocket Legends on iOS and Android devices (the complete summary of the session is here) . As you might know, it is working out quite well for them, not just on iOS, especially expanding into Android territory gave revenues a huge boost. Surely a key factor of this success is delivering a quality product in a niche (it won’t be a niche much longer but while competition is getting tough on iOS, there is still a bit more room on Android) and getting the gameplay right for the audience.

In the Spacetime Studios case, some assumptions about how MMO’s should work on mobile platforms were spot on, some others were surprisingly wrong. I thought I would share the most notable.

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27th February 2010 by Thomas

ICO’s at GDC and SXSWi 2010

gdc2010Like every year, Diane and I will be in San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference from the 9th to the 13th of March. We’ll be there the whole week, so please contact us if you’d like to meet up.

Jen will be at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX from the 12th to the 16th of March, so you can talk to us there, too!


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