27th November 2012 by Thomas Bidaux

Panels ahoy – Game Connection Europe and Evolve London

The year is not just over yet and I will be attending a couple of events before the holiday break. You are very welcome to join and say hi if you are at the events.


Game Connection Europe


The event starts tomorrow, in Paris, and I will be contributing to two panels there:

- I will be moderating a panel on marketing entitled New vs Old – What does Video Game Marketing Look Like Now? where we will discuss what has changed in today’s marketing, and what didn’t change. It’s on Thursday at 3pm. Link


- On Thursday as well, at 5pm, I am one the two panelists invited to talk about… big surprise… Kickstarter! The panel, creatively named Funding Your Game with Kickstarter, is moderated by Kickstarter’s Cindy Au and my co-panelist is Stainless’ Matt Edmund. I suppose he will be talking about Carmaggeddon and I will be sharing my experience from the Strike Suit Zero campaign. Link


London Evolve


On the 11th of December in London, I will be on the Kickstarter panel taking place at 5pm. This should be a very different discussion, more focused on the potential of that platform as well as its risks and shortcomings, as the title implies: Kickstarter : Industry Game Changer or Flash in the Pan? Surprisingly, I think I am the “pro-Kickstarter” component of that panel. Link



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30th July 2012 by Thomas Bidaux

IGDA Summit / Casual Connect Seattle 2012

I have to warn you, this might end up being a rather long post. I am on my way home, coming back from Seattle where I was attending the IGDA Summit and Casual Connect Seattle and I have seen and heard a number of things I really feel like I should share around.

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1st July 2011 by Diane

Differences in online games publishing between Asia and Europe

As Asian online games publishers expand in the West, more and more of them are opening European offices and starting operating games for the European market. This approach is in our opinion much more rewarding long-term than just licensing the games to a local publisher, but it also has it pitfalls due to the differences in consumer habits and expectations. Here are a few examples of such differences and the difficulties they can trigger. Of course, please keep in mind we have a European point of view and are aware of the specificities and differences inside Asian cultures and inside European ones – so please excuse the inevitable generalisations. Read the rest of this entry »

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26th October 2010 by Jen

Upcoming talks by ICO

Here’s a quick update about a couple of speaking engagements we’ve got coming up:

On 27th October –that’s tomorrow! — Julien will be giving a talk on “Smarter Marketing” at TIGA’s half-day event in London, How to Self-Publish and Market Your Game.

Then, on 5th November, Martin will be at the browsergames forum in Offenbach, Germany talking about “Games as a Service”.

If you’ll be in attendance, please stop and say hello! More events news will be on the way soon.

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3rd September 2010 by Martin

MMO Facebook Pages – An Unfinished Business?

I recently came across a very interesting report published by the Altimeter Group. “The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing” compares the Facebook pages of high profile brands and gives them a rating. They’ve researched 8 criteria which highly affect the success of a Facebook page, created a scorecard and evaluated each of the 30 pages, giving them a score from 1 to 5 for each criteria. After seeing the criteria and the result, I could well imagine that Facebook pages of well known MMOs (published and in development) might not score too many points as well. I was curious and put together a pool of 17 MMO Facebook pages, half of them subscription based, the other half Free2Play/Fremium client or browser based MMOs (incl. Facebook games). For a detailed description of all the criteria and and methods I recommend reading the actual report on Slideshare but read on for my observations on those 17 pages.

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