14th May 2012 by Diane

Tablet market in Europe

I was asked recently by a friend if I had some numbers about the tablet market in Europe, so I thought I could as well write a blog post about it.


To make it short : Yes, the tablet market is growing in Europe. According to market research institute Canalys, shipments are up 180% yoy to 4.7 million in EMEA. Nonetheless, the growth has been much slower than in the US and Asia Pacific. The research points difficult economic conditions in Europe (according to Gartner, PC shipments declined too), and the lack of content compared to the US (less localised services, such as Netflix & Hulu, and less local(ised) content on Apple, Google and Amazon).

I’ve made a quick chart to summarise the shipments :

Examining public data from IDC and Gartner that I have seen so far seem to place the total EMEA tablet shipments to date at the end of Q1 2012 to about 30 million, which should amount to an installed base of around 25 million. That seems to be confirmed by this report from Futuresource Consulting, which pins the installed base for tablets to 18 million in Europe at the end of 2011 (a bit less than half the US number at 37 million.)

Regarding individual countries’ installed bases, I was able to find the following data :

A bit more info about the tablet market in Europe, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is not available on the Old Continent yet. According to Comscore, the OS breakdown is as follows :

Regarding demographics, tablet owners in Europe are mostly male (62%), in greater proportion than smartphone owners. 42% are aged 25-44.

In terms of income range, most of the tablet owners have revenues comprised between 20 and 40k€ yearly, which shows that the devices are not reserved for the high incomes, although they remained a bit more skewed towards high incomes than the smartphones:

In terms of cross-platform ownership, Spain is ahead, followed by France, UK and Italy :


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24th February 2012 by Diane

Connected devices shipments in 2011 worldwide

A quick chart I built that can be a good addendum to my last post about the online gaming trends in 2012:



Also, a friend on Facebook noticed that I didn’t even talk about console games in the trends, which is true.  My answer would be that it’s still very difficult from an operational and business point of view to run 100% online games on the current gen of consoles, and that the console business this year is likely to be suffering in at least some parts of Europe as the retailers struggle, so there isn’t much money and effort invested there. There’s a good article today on Gamesindustry.biz about that.

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24th June 2011 by julien

Nintendo and Sony’s state of denial

A couple of weeks ago, following the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, Kogi Tagushi, Senior Executive Officer at Square-Enix, declared he was “humiliated by the decline of Japanese titles”. Now, Mr Tagushi was mainly talking about the poor representation of Japan at the show in terms of new games and IPs, however the decline of the Japanese games industry has been a popular topic of discussion recently, and a second interpretation can be seen of this, relative to two large Japanese game companies that seen to be willingly putting on a blindfold and driving as fast as they can against a wall, namely Sony and Nintendo.

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2nd May 2011 by Diane

European mobile and tablet market

    As the recent game announcements have been multiplying, Mobile is the new frontier for online games and MMOs. The technical constraints have been mostly overcome, and the apparition of a hardcore audience playing mostly from home has made the main problem (good enough ping) less painful. The possibility of free apps with in-app purchases have finally make the business part of it sensible. It’s thus no surprise that many games are announced. However, as games like Pocket Legends find success, the room for growth is increasingly moving, like for social games, to outside of the US/English-speaking territories. What’s the market looking like in Europe? Read the rest of this entry »

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