3rd September 2010 by Martin

MMO Facebook Pages – An Unfinished Business?

I recently came across a very interesting report published by the Altimeter Group. “The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing” compares the Facebook pages of high profile brands and gives them a rating. They’ve researched 8 criteria which highly affect the success of a Facebook page, created a scorecard and evaluated each of the 30 pages, giving them a score from 1 to 5 for each criteria. After seeing the criteria and the result, I could well imagine that Facebook pages of well known MMOs (published and in development) might not score too many points as well. I was curious and put together a pool of 17 MMO Facebook pages, half of them subscription based, the other half Free2Play/Fremium client or browser based MMOs (incl. Facebook games). For a detailed description of all the criteria and and methods I recommend reading theĀ actual report on Slideshare but read on for my observations on those 17 pages.

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19th February 2009 by Diane

Three Quarters of European Internet users visit social networks

crystal_clear_app_internetAccording to a new Comscore study (users aged 15+, Dec 08 vs Dec 07). Good news for social games !

UK, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Italy were the countries with the biggest penetration of social networking.

Also in the study : Facebook grew 443% in one year in France thanks to localization, and has now overtaken Skyrock.

The social networking landscape still remains pretty diverse in Europe – that isn’t shown in the study- but the overall usage is very high. For comparison, Emarketer recently published a similar study showing that the penetration rate was 41% in the US. That encompasses all year 2008 though, not just December as the Comscore figures.

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29th January 2009 by Diane

News roundup 29/01/08

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