16th February 2011 by julien

Games as a Service: The Water Cooler Analogy

For the past years, our very own Thomas has been going around the world, preaching about Games as a Service, the whole idea that focusing on all aspects of a game that are not core gameplay not only can drastically increase all key performance indicator in an online game, but also prove very profitable. Now,  Ubisoft Toronto’s head Jade Raymond recently showed a pretty good understanding of this concept by using a interesting analogy. She said, while talking about a new project : “Games aren’t just what you talk about around the water cooler, they’re becoming the water cooler itself …

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22nd June 2010 by Thomas Bidaux

Innovating on business models

It is obvious to all that business models have evolved over the past few years. Some small changes and some bigger ones and I am glad to see that it is still going on with companies exploring and experimenting  both new and variations of old ones.

I have often said that the business models are now part of the game design process – and we are currently seeing new games using this to the best. But to see historical actors of the industry making their own experiments with their costly projects is actually equally interesting – or even more considering they have to manage their existing games and adapt them accordingly. There have been three announcements lately of that nature that I think are worth closely looking at. Read the rest of this entry »

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8th May 2009 by Diane

Cease and desist (being a platform)

privateBlizzard has recently sent cease and desist letters to the developers of iPhone apps using data from the Armory (of which the text can be found here), not so long after the announcement of the new add-on policy, which forbids add-on developers from monetizing their add-ons, and from obfuscating their code (preventing any sustainable competitive advantage for any of them. Except  established companies with leverage to negotiate.) Together, these moves seem to sum up to a clear policy : preventing anyone from doing money by providing services around World of Warcraft. Read the rest of this entry »

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27th April 2009 by Thomas Bidaux

Your MMO on Mobile

iphoneThe week-end saw the video from a World of Warcraft client on iPhone get featured on a series of website. Whether or not the video is a fake and the whole story a hoax is actually irrelevant as this is more the concept that we actually want to discuss (it should be noted that they still have an accessible website but, with a quick Linkedin research, most of the management team  seems to have moved on other projects).

You can go see the demo video at Kotaku as the Youtube versions are getting removed as they pop up.

But the basic principle is an app acting like a 3D client for WOW that would run on your iPhone. And the question that actually gets asked is who on earth would like anything like that? Read the rest of this entry »

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12th March 2009 by Thomas Bidaux

GDC09 lecture teaser

GDC is now only a few weeks away, and we are busy planning meetings and giving some final touches to the lecture.

As a reminder, we will be speaking at GDC, during the Worlds in Motion Summit. The session is on the 23rd of March, at 4.15pm, in the North Hall (room 132).

We actually wanted to share here a teaser of the many topics that the session is going delve into. A lot of the focus is on explaining Europe and the market of online games in Europe and how it is different from the North American market. Read the rest of this entry »

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29th January 2009 by Diane

News roundup 29/01/08

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