11th March 2009 by Diane

25% of US online gamers play on consoles, PC remains majoritary

New NPD study shows that online gaming on consoles and handhelds in the US grew from 19% in 2008 to 25% in 2009, while PC remains largely majoritary, at 87% versus 90% last year (this last figure via ArsTechnica).

That would give a graph like that if we understand it right :


Amongst consoles, 50% of console online gamers played on Xbox360, while Wii was growing from 18% to 29%, and PS3 came third.

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26th February 2009 by Diane

The Xbox Live subscription

xbox_360_liveGamasutra relays a report by Seattle Post that shows Microsoft numbers for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The more recent figures are from February 2008, showing that 56% of all Live members were Gold (60% in the US). The percentage was actually down 4 points yoy.

At that time there were 10M announced Live members , so that was about 5.5M Gold subscribers – if the proportion was still the same today (it might have increased since thanks to the NXE, which has brought them 3M members since November 08) that would be 9.5M Gold subscribers (there are 17M Xbox Live members). According to the latest numbers on VGChartz there are 28.5 millions of Xbox 360 distributed worldwide -the total Live members accounts are about 60% of that. Read the rest of this entry »

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16th December 2008 by Diane

News roundup – 16/12/08

Various bits from different sources – some of them are a bit old, but then we just opened the blog :) :

  • November Steam Hardware Survey (which is skewed towards “gamers” system in comparison to general PC user base)- shows DX10 system (DX10 capable GPU + Vista) accounts for 21% of Steam user base – in progress, but DX8, 9 and older GPU systems are still the majority (54%). On the other hand, multi-core is now majoritary (60%, with 10% quad-core).
  • Speaking of Steam, the new beta version is integrating an in-game web browser. It’s good to see that multi-tasking is now embraced more and more. It looks better than Rogue, but less adavanced than PlayXpert (but they have all the other Steam features they can integrate with).

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