European Online Games Experts


ICO provides tailored, specialist advice
Online games aren't just 'products'; they're service-based, generate different user expectations and behaviour, and require a different approach than offline games. We understand the intricate developer/operator relationship that often underpins online games, and the inter-connected internal processes involved. We're also familiar with the constraints and limitations faced by smaller developers wanting to self-publish.

ICO Partners provides bespoke consulting on all aspects of online game development and operations. We work with clients to define their goals, make implementation plans and create measurable results.

Every game presents its own unique combination of challenges -- we can help you tackle yours and move you closer to a winning service formula.

European focus
Europe is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for online video games, and its wealth of player communities offomplex area, with a multitude of languages, laws and cultures, and this makes Europe a daunting place for foreign companies to set up and conduct operations (which is why its market potential is still largely untapped).

Since 2008, ICO has helped established companies to build their European deployment strategies, including high-level planning, choosing an office location, evaluating payment solution providers and assessing the potential of specific games across Europe. We also assist developers just entering the European online gaming field to refine their plans for that crucial first game -- from budget planning, to business development strategy, to evolving the game's business model.

Auditing and Due Diligence
ICO Partners' team of experts is available to help you assess your online game projects. Whether you are an investor, a developer or a publisher, we can provide in-depth analysis of online operations and services as well as game development, complete with recommendations to mitigate the risks involved with your project at every stage. We apply a very straightforward approach and provide our clients with honest, constructive analysis.

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