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Market Intelligence

ICO provides tailored, specialist advice
We have extensive knowledge of the European market, and maintain a comprehensive database of developers, publishers and service providers. This allows us to create customized market intelligence reports to help our clients build winning strategies for their European projects. We conduct research in-house using a custom tool suite, which gives us a unique perspective of the European online games market as a whole. This specialist knowledge is the reason why ICO Partners is requested to speak about the European market at industry events around the world.

Here are a few examples of the custom reports we wrote for our clients:
• Online game publishing best practices in Europe - 2010
• State of the browser games in Europe - 2011
• State of the kids and teens online game in Europe - 2011
• State of the online FPS games in Europe - 2011
• Kids and teens online games publishing best practices - 2011
• State of the online strategy games in Europe - 2011
• State of client-based MMO games in France - 2011
• Various competitive studies for some games of our clients - 2011

Our first commercial report is available: European Office Locations for online games companies - 2011
You can find more details in our publications section.

More are coming soon.