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Public Relations

ICO Media
We founded ICO Media to answer the growing demand for a pan-European solution to communicate with media about online games. As competition in the online games market has increased, it’s grown more difficult to reach the level of traffic necessary to provide the basis for good retention and monetization through acquisition marketing alone. Coordinated Public Relations efforts can help you acquire and retain natural, quality traffic for your game. Unlike typical PR agencies, we work across a wide range of countries and have a very community-based and audience-centric approach, thereby creating a long-term communication strategy designed to support the long life cycle of online games.

Our consultancy and market intelligence expertise enables us to approach PR with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and player habits in each territory, and we use this knowledge when we craft communications.

ICO Media key features:

Wide reach across Europe: France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.

Online games focus: We approach games as services, not just products, and design communication with this in mind. Our media services can support online games throughout their entire lifecycle -- from announcement and beta through to launch and live updates. While some PR agencies focus exclusively on launch hype, we know how to build long-term interest.

Specialized media communication: We reach media in online games, video games, peripheral interests (e.g. fantasy, RPGs, lifestyle) and beyond. Our fan community outreach enables better information flow to blogs, community websites, guild websites, and fansites. We frequently conduct informal, agile and very targeted “news alert” communications in addition to high level press releases, and can work with community and social media managers to coordinate messaging.

Promotional activities: We manage beta programs, trials and client distribution for F2P and P2P games, competitions and promotions with partner websites.

Event management: We can organise a strong media-oriented presence at consumer shows and coordinate press events, managing the process from planning through to follow-up.

Client accessibility: We maintain day to day contact with clients to plan messaging and manage press requests.

Online press rooms: We can provide and maintain an online space where press can access announcements and assets

Reporting: We provide detailed monthly and event reports outlining the coverage and reach of messaging, along with analysis and recommendations

Marketing and community strategy
We have very strong expertise in bringing online games to market, and can provide tailored advice to help you reach and engage your users. ICO consults on game positioning, beta and release plans, communication strategy, social marketing strategy, community building/management strategy and support. We can combine these elements to help you plan a strong acquisition effort and complementary retention program.